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Welcome to my corner of Cyberspace

Here you will find those things I am most interested in: stamp collecting, fine writing instruments, the Oregon Coast and music. I will occasionally offer items for sale, but there will never be a store per se.

 Stamps and Paquebot

My principle focus in stamp collecting are the stamps of France and related dependencies—St Pierre and Miquelon, French Andorra, French Antarctic Territories, French Polynesia and others. I also focus on Europa stamp issues, Polar research and fishes of the world. This is not to say that I do not collect stamps from around the world, because I do. I just tend to focus on these principle areas. For those of you unfamiliar with paquebot, they are typically items sent from ships at sea. As such, they are subject to a wide variety of special, often pictorial cancelllations.  You’ll understand better once I have a few examples up to show you.



I have been collecting and using fountain pens for many years now, and have at times had quite a large assortment. The numbers have greatly decreased over the last few years, and a much more restricted focus to my pen collection has occurred. I am a great fan of German manufactured pens, in particular: vintage and modern Pelikan pens, and vintage Soennecken pens. I will be posting images of parts of my collection, as well as interesting pens for sale from time to time.



No, I am not a musician, but I am a great listener. My musical interests are pretty varied from progressive rock to ambient, independent rock, some britpop, a touch of downbeat jazz and a few others. When I find a decent video of a particular song or artist that I like, you can expect to find it here.


That’s going to be it by way of introductions. I hope you’ll enjoy looking around once there is more to see. Once I have things properly set, you’ll be able to post comments and converse as well. Hope to see you soon.


ps. The image at the top was taken not long after we moved to the Oregon Coast.

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